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Address: 3613 State Route 534 White Haven, PA 18661-9712
Park Manager: Rex Bradish
Contact Info: 570-443-0400
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Park Alerts ( 4 Alerts )

  • Seasons and Hours: Contrary to the information on Google, Pennsylvania state parks are open every day of the year. Day use areas close at dusk. Park offices are open specific hours. Pools, beaches, and campgrounds are open specific seasons.

  • Drone Restrictions: To protect park resources, limit conflict with other park users, and avoid safety and privacy liabilities, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), remotely piloted vehicles (RPV) or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), all commonly referred to as DRONES, are only permitted on designated flying fields in six remote controlled airfield parks (Beltsville, Benjamin Rush, Hillman, Lackawanna, Prompton, and Tuscarora). Drones are only permitted in other PA State Parks in very limited circumstances which require a special use permit.

  • General Firewood Quarantine: Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has enacted a quarantine order for untreated firewood of any kind coming into the state. Any firewood brought into the state must be kiln dried, heat treated, fumigated, and/or USDA Certified.

    To protect the high quality and native character of our State Parks from exotic invasive species DCNR highly encourages all visitors to:

    • burn/buy locally cut firewood (within 25 miles)

    • BURN ALL firewood brought from another area. Do not leave it. Do not take it with you.

    • Encourage friends and neighbors not to move firewood

    • Do not remove firewood from a Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine Area. Contact the PA Department of Agriculture, www.agriculture.pa.gov and search on the keyword Spotted Lantern Fly for current quarantine information.

  • Due to an active black bear population, the park is requiring all visitors to take certain precautions while exploring the park or staying in the campgrounds. Bear are generally not dangerous to people if they are left alone, however, as with all wild animals their behavior is unpredictable. All visitors, especially overnight guests, shall abide by the following: NEVER approach a bear to pet, feed, or photograph it. ALL food and scented items must be stored in locked vehicles. If a bear approaches you, NEVER throw food or other objects; they can act as an attractant rather than a deterrent. Do not run from a bear; stay together as a group, clap your hands and shout loudly while backing away slowly.

Park Description

The 15,990-acre Hickory Run State Park, Carbon County, lies in the western foothills of the Pocono Mountains. This large park has over 40 miles of hiking trails, three state park natural areas and miles of trout streams. Boulder Field, a striking boulder-strewn area, is a National Natural Landmark.

Things To Do ( 12 Available)

If the activity symbol is blue, this activity can accommodate people with a disability. Please contact the park at 570-443-0400 for more details.

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    • Hickory Run Campground
      Season : 9 Months
      Restroom : Modern
      Campsites : 381 Sites
      Electric : Yes
      Pets Allowed : Yes
      ADA Accessible : Yes
      Please be aware that only designated sites have electric, allow pets and are ADA accessible.
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    • Stone Trail
      More Difficult 1.51 miles
    • Stage Trail
      Easiest 0.33 miles
    • Woodfrog Loop
      Easiest 1.09 miles
    • Orchard Loop/Hawk Falls Connector
      More Difficult 0.41 miles
    • Nescopeck
      Easiest 1.58 miles
    • Woodland Way To Creek Connector
      More Difficult 0.11 miles
    • Farmstead
      More Difficult 0.99 miles
    • Lake
      Easiest 0.66 miles
    • Mountain Loop
      Most Difficult 2.88 miles
    • Nescopeck
      More Difficult 0.31 miles
    • Woodland Way
      More Difficult 0.73 miles
    • Woodland Way
      More Difficult 0.41 miles
    • Orchard Loop
      More Difficult 0.49 miles
    • Stage Trail
      More Difficult 1.46 miles
    • Stone Trail
      More Difficult 0.90 miles
    • Fourth Run
      Most Difficult 3.32 miles
    • Nature Loop
      Easiest 0.38 miles
    • Pine Hill
      Most Difficult 1.11 miles
    • Gould
      More Difficult 0.99 miles
    • Farmstead Spur
      More Difficult 0.07 miles
    • Stage
      More Difficult 1.18 miles
    • Stage
      More Difficult 0.69 miles
    • Sand Spring
      Easiest 1.96 miles
    • Sand Spring
      Easiest 0.64 miles
    • Lake
      Easiest 0.58 miles
    • Farmstead
      Easiest 0.38 miles
    • Woodland Way (Spur 2)
      Easiest 0.26 miles
    • Manor House
      More Difficult 2.22 miles
    • Beach
      Easiest 0.43 miles
    • Stage Trail
      More Difficult 0.50 miles
    • Pine Hill
      More Difficult 2.82 miles
    • Lupine Trail
      Easiest 0.33 miles
    • Beach Trail
      Easiest 0.24 miles
    • Shades Of Death
      More Difficult 0.97 miles
    • Creekside
      Easiest 0.54 miles
    • Skyline
      More Difficult 2.79 miles
    • Lupine
      More Difficult 0.55 miles
    • Oak
      More Difficult 1.14 miles
    • Hickory Run
      Easiest 0.75 miles
    • Grouse
      More Difficult 1.44 miles
    • Swamp
      Easiest 0.11 miles
    • Fern
      Easiest 0.17 miles
    • Boulder Field
      Most Difficult 3.26 miles
    • Woodland Way
      Easiest 0.38 miles
    • Orchard Loop Alt.
      More Difficult 0.17 miles
    • Leonardsville
      Easiest 0.24 miles
    • Fourth Run
      More Difficult 1.50 miles
    • Creekside
      Easiest 0.60 miles
    • Hawk Falls
      More Difficult 0.55 miles
    • Hickory Run
      More Difficult 0.55 miles
    • Blue
      Easiest 1.03 miles
    • Leonardsville
      Easiest 0.40 miles
    • Fireline
      Most Difficult 2.39 miles
    • Hill Trail
      More Difficult 0.17 miles
    • Woodland Way (Spur 1)
      Easiest 0.12 miles
    • Farmstead/Lupine Connectors
      Easiest 0.06 miles
    • Deer
      Easiest 0.45 miles
    • Ridge
      Most Difficult 1.09 miles
    • Orchard Loop
      More Difficult 0.74 miles
    • Bear
      Easiest 1.12 miles
    • Nescopeck Trail To Creek Connector
      Easiest 0.28 miles
    • Deer
      Easiest 0.14 miles
    • Gamewire
      More Difficult 3.29 miles
    • Lake / Nescopeck Connector
      More Difficult 0.10 miles
    • Creekside
      More Difficult 0.81 miles

Park Events

No events at this time.

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If the activity symbol is blue, this activity can accommodate people with a disability. Please contact the park for more details.

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