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Address: 225 Pleasant Valley Road Portersville, PA 16051-2031
Park Manager: Dustin Drew
Contact Info: 724-368-8811
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Park Alerts ( 5 Alerts )

  • Seasons and Hours: Contrary to the information on Google, Pennsylvania state parks are open every day of the year. Day use areas close at dusk. Park offices are open specific hours. Pools, beaches, and campgrounds are open specific seasons.

  • Drone Restrictions: To protect park resources, limit conflict with other park users, and avoid safety and privacy liabilities, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), remotely piloted vehicles (RPV) or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), all commonly referred to as DRONES, are only permitted on designated flying fields in six remote controlled airfield parks (Beltsville, Benjamin Rush, Hillman, Lackawanna, Prompton, and Tuscarora). Drones are only permitted in other PA State Parks in very limited circumstances which require a special use permit.

  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), remotely piloted vehicles (RPV) or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), all commonly referred to as DRONES, are not permitted in Moraine State Park. Drones create a variety of safety, wildlife impacts and privacy issues.

  • General Firewood Quarantine: Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has enacted a quarantine order for untreated firewood of any kind coming into the state. Any firewood brought into the state must be kiln dried, heat treated, fumigated, and/or USDA Certified.

    To protect the high quality and native character of our State Parks from exotic invasive species DCNR highly encourages all visitors to:

    • burn/buy locally cut firewood (within 25 miles)

    • BURN ALL firewood brought from another area. Do not leave it. Do not take it with you.

    • Encourage friends and neighbors not to move firewood

    • Do not remove firewood from a Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine Area. Contact the PA Department of Agriculture, www.agriculture.pa.gov and search on the keyword Spotted Lantern Fly for current quarantine information.

  • Boaters be advised that the channel marker buoys have been removed from the shoal running between Duck Point (near the dam) and the island northeast of the dam.  There is no longer a suitable channel in this area, shoal marker buoys will be placed across this area.  Boaters are recommended to pass the island to the eastern side (between island and cabins) when boating in this area. 

Park Description

The gently rolling hills, lush forests and sparkling waters disguise a land that has endured the effects of continental glaciers and massive mineral extraction. Each year over one million boaters, hikers, bikers and swimmers visit the 16,725-acre park, yet never realize that many people helped restore the park from prior coal mining and oil and gas drilling practices. Today, the park is an outstanding example of environmental engineering achievement.\r\n\r\n

Things To Do ( 16 Available)

If the activity symbol is blue, this activity can accommodate people with a disability. Please contact the park at 724-368-8811 for more details.

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    Education Programs

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    Sight Seeing

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    Scenic View

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    Cross Country Skiing

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    • Pleasant Valley
      Easiest 2.13 miles
      This grass trail offers an easy hike through the hills and valleys of the South Shore, passing through wooded and open grassy areas. The trail provides access to both the Windy Knob and Bear Run picnic areas, crosses the Hilltop Trail and ends at the intersection with Sunken Garden Trail. Making a left on the Sunken Garden Trail will return you to the trailhead. When conditions permit, the trail is groomed for cross-country skiing in winter. Access to this trail is directly across Pleasant Valley Road from Pleasant Valley Picnic Area.
    • North Country Trail
      More Difficult 10.01 miles
      Designated as part of the North Country National Scenic Trail, this trail extends 14 miles from the western end of Moraine State Park to Jennings Environmental Education Center. The trail winds through forests, crosses streams and offers scenic views of Lake Arthur. The North Country Trail trail can be accessed at many points, such as PA 528, Mount Union Road(TR10050), Bike Rental Building, and McDanel's Launch Area. The Link Road Overnight Shelter is available to backpackers by reservation only. Contact the park office for backpacking information.
    • Mountain Bike
      not set 10.68 miles
    • Hill Top
      not set 1.95 miles
      This trail passes through different stages of forest regeneration, and by cavity-nesting bird boxes and the reamins of a spring house. You can hike this trail on a 1.1 mile short lopp or a 3 mile long loop. The trail includes flat grassy areas and gradual inclines that lead to fields high above the highway and lake. Access to this trail is adjacent to the entrance of Bear Run Boat Launch.
    • Glacier Ridge
      More Difficult 2.45 miles
      This trail travels through some of the most scenic woodlands of Jennings. This 15 mile trail links Jennings to Moraine Sate Park. More information about this trail is available at the center office.
    • Sunken Garden
      Easiest 4.01 miles
      For an enjoyable and scenic hike in close proximity to the park office, Sunken Garden trail offers views of the lake shoreline and travels through a variety of habitats and terrains. Hikers can choose either a 1.9 mile short loop or a 3 mile long loop. Both sections of trail are maintained and include moderate inlcines. The longer trail offers slightly more rugged terrain. When conditions permit, the trail is groomed for cross-country skiing. Access to the trail can be found by making the first right off of Pleasant Valley Road adjacent to Pleasant Valley Boat Launch.
    • Butterfly Trail
      Easiest 0.66 miles
      This trail network passes through woodlands, wetlands, and open fields planted with native plants attractive to butterflies. This area includes a kiosk, small pond, and wetlands boardwalk. This area also is also the site of a former park tree nursery.
    • Equestrian Trail
      Easiest 8.31 miles
      Part of the 20 Miles horse trail system accessible via North Country Club Road and Swamp Run Parking area.
    • Equestrian Trail Country Club Road
      Easiest 12.70 miles
      This Trail system is accessable from the Swamp Run Parking area or the North Country Club Road Parking Area. The trail follows old township roads past many interesting foundations, cemetaries, and the remnants of a one room school house.
    • Wyggeston Trail
      More Difficult 4.61 miles
      For the more adventurous, this trail has rougher, rockier terrain and is a more challenging hike than the other trails on the South Shore. The extra effort is well worth it because the trail takes you into remote, undeveloped section of the park with diverse natural plant communities and by an old house foundation, stone fences and a historic oil pump house. The trail can be hiked either as a 1.5-mile loop, or a 3 mile or a 4.5 mile trail that will not return you to your point of origin. the northern end of the trail can be accessed from Christley Road just west of PA 528 and the southern terminus from Old Route 422. Tell us about your hike at ExplorePAtrails.com
    • 5 Points
      Easiest 1.53 miles
      This loop trail meanders through forests and by a small pond. Access to the trail is near Lakeview Beach and the cabin colony.
    • Bike
      Easiest 7.32 miles
      The trail begins at the parking lot beside the bicycle concession. It follows te lake clockwise (north and east) for 7.2 miles to the Davis Hollow Marina. It starts out alongside North Shore Drive but soon swings away into the woods with broad curves, rolling hills,and occassional view of the lake. After milepost 3, signs of park activity appear: Boating, picknicking, swimming, disc golf, group camping and the parking lots and access roads that support them. the swimming area is near the parking lot at mile 3.7, as is the disc golf course. The sailboat storage and launch area is around mile 4.8. At milepost 5 the trail enters the woods again for more twists and turns to the Davis Hollow Marina, where, at mile 7.2, it emerges next to the building that formerly housed the Marina restaurant, and now is an outdoor center operated by the park.
  • horse_Ride

    Horse Trail

  • biking


  • mountain_bike

    Mountain Biking

Park Events

No events at this time.

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If the activity symbol is blue, this activity can accommodate people with a disability. Please contact the park for more details.

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